Khmer Brewery’s ‘Thank You’ Party

Phnom Penh, 1st of November, 2012

Khmer Brewery is ever so happy to have shared such a special ‘Thank You Party’ event with all members of our big family.  The party was held at the Dream Land Center in Phnom Penh on the evening of November 1st, 2012.  The aim of the event was not only to motivate our partners helping us produce Cambodia Beer but also to express our gratitude to them.  We are endowed to their dedication, their hard work and their loyalty to us in helping Khmer Brewery Limited become a strong, renowned company that continues with its exponential growth.

This party also represented an excellent chance for the whole Khmer Brewery family to take some time off work, relaxing and enjoying themselves in the meantime.  We are certain that not only the friendship between us and our partners has now become stronger, but also that we will keep working together to create employment opportunities for the benefit of the whole country.

It is also worth reminding all about the long-term vision of Khmer Brewery’s top management to achieve the top position in our country and reaches internationally-acclaimed status.  We firmly believe that all of us will continue working hard in order to achieve this vision.  Also, our brewery, an investment made entirely by Cambodians, is proud to say that all our partners have the ability and the responsibility to keep pushing for the growth and development of KHB.  Last but not least, KHB is proud to be helping our society develop further and further.  National Beer, national Pride !!