• Taste of Cool

    Cambodia Beer is an exceptional beer brewed according to the highest quality standards, a beer in a class all of its own, and a beer that will inspire pride in Cambodians and gain admiration from the international beer industry.

     Made from the purest water and premium ingredients, Cambodia Beer is refreshing and easy to drink with a rich, fruity head giving way to a full-bodied and creamy flavor. Using the finest ingredients from Europe, we make sure quality comes first.

  • The Most Advanced Technology in Cambodia

    -              Our state-of-the-art equipment features the latest technologies from Europe.

    -        Our skills, expertise and adherence to international standards ensure the best quality beverages.

    -        Our brewery is located amid a clean and green environment.

    -        Our production processes follow the most stringent safety procedures, strict hygiene control and world-class techniques.

  • It all began with a dream.

    It all began with a dream – a dream to create the best beer in Cambodia. There were many who said it could not be done, but nothing could stand in the way of those who are determined, those who have deep pride in being Cambodian, and those who believe in what Cambodians are capable of.

     We are dedicated to producing a beer that all Cambodians can be proud of, a beer that surpasses all expectations, and a beer that all Cambodians enjoy drinking. This is the passion that flows into every bottle and can of Cambodia Beer.