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Charity Begins with Sport

Khmer Beverages Co., Ltd. is organizing Cambodia Charity Run & Ride 2017 – a fund-raising event in Phnom Penh. This charity event, which falls on April 29 and April 30, will drive the contributions towards improving school infrastructure to disadvantaged schools in the rural provinces in Cambodia. The added bonus would be to spice up the Kingdom’s sports scene.  


Comprising a half-marathon race as well as a biking event encompassing six different types of race, it’s not the first time that Khmer Beverages celebrated Charity event. Since 2011, Khmer Beverages has funded many charity events to support Khmer arts, to promote clean environment, to raise awareness on traffic and road safety, and, most importantly, to contribute to the infrastructural overhaul of three schools in the capital –Chea Sim Samaky High School, Toul Ampel High School, and Dangkor Elementary and Secondary School.


At a press conference on Monday, President of Khmer Beverages, Mr. Leang Pov (Peter), said, “The Company will be responsible for all expenses in this charity event, so all of the funds from the ticket sales will go to those schools that are lacking basic infrastructure and stationary for students.”


He added, “We hope to see 2,000 participants, and raise $70,000 to sponsor schools. From our estimation through the registration, there are currently 1,000 participants.” Khmer Beverages aims to have this charity sporting event as an annual mainstay, with this year kicking off the very first incorporation of sports and charity.


Given the 6AM call time for the event, early risers will certainly be rewarded with the benefits of exercise.  Koh Pich Theatre Hall will play host to the festivities with a cover charge of 5$ minimum for different type of race



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